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The definition of word "necromancy":
rate 1. divination by alleged communication with the dead, inquiring of the dead; sorcery, witchcraft
rate 2. The art of revealing the future through magick and especially through communication with the deceased.
rate 3. The practice of summoning the souls of the dead.
rate 4. communication with the dead, usually in order to obtain insight into the future or to accomplish some otherwise impossible task. Such activity was current in ancient times among the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Etruscans; in medieval Europe it came to be associated with black (i.e., harmful or antisocial) magic and was condemned by the church. Its practitioners were skilled magicians who used a consecrated circle in some desolate spot, often a graveyard, to protect themselves from the anger of the spirits of the dead. In the event of a premature or violent death, the corpse was thought to retain some measure of unused vitality and so the use of parts of corpses as ingredients of charms came to be an important technique of witchcraft. Necromancy was especially popular in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and its temptations and perils were vividly described in the Faust stories of Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
rate 5. n the act of communicating with the dead in order to discover what is going to happen in the future, or black magic (= magic involving evil spirits used for bad purposes)
rate 6. grandiloquent Divination using black magic or the dead
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