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The definition of word "league":
+1 rate 1. join together, unite in a league
+1 rate 2. Arab League
+1 rate 3. O R G A N I Z A T I O N (n) a group of people or countries who join together because they have the same interestthe Arab League The U N's predecessor, the League of Nations, was a league of colonial powers and other countries. In league means making secret plans to do something, esp. illegal or wrong. The criminals had been in league with the owners of the company. I'm sure those two are in league.
rate 4. group of people (or parties, countries, etc.) who have joined together for a particular purpose, association, confederation, union, alliance; group of athletic teams; unit of distance
rate 5. Separatist League
rate 6. Spartacus League
rate 7. Achaean League
rate 8. Aetolian League
rate 9. American League
rate 10. Anti Corn Law League
rate 11. League of Arab States
rate 12. Arcadian League
rate 13. Augsburg League of
rate 14. Balkan League
rate 15. Cambrai League of
rate 16. Canadian Football League
rate 17. Catholic League
rate 18. Corinth League of
rate 19. Delian League
rate 20. Hanseatic League
rate 21. Holy League
rate 22. League of the Iroquois
rate 23. Ivy League
rate 24. League of Nations
rate 25. Little League
rate 26. Lombard League
rate 27. Muslim League
rate 28. All India Muslim League
rate 29. National Football League
rate 30. National Hockey League
rate 31. National League
rate 32. Nonpartisan League
rate 33. Peloponnesian League
rate 34. Schmalkaldic League
rate 35. Solemn League and Covenant
rate 36. Three Emperors' League
rate 37. Union League
rate 38. League for the Independence of Vietnam;
rate 39. any of several units of measure ranging from 2.4 to 4.6 statute miles (3.9 to 7.4 km). In English-speaking countries the land league is generally accepted as 3 statute miles (4.8 km). An ancient unit derived from the Gauls and introduced into England by the Normans, the league was estimated by the Romans to be equal to 1,500 pacesa pace or passus, in Roman measure being nearly 5 feet (1.5 m). Land leagues of about 2.63 miles (4.23 km) were used by the Spanish in early surveys of parts of the American Southwest. At one time the term was also used as a unit of area measurement. Old California surveys show square leagues equal to 4, 439 acres (1, 796 hectares). In the late 18th century the league also came to be the distance a cannon shot could be fired at menacing ships offshore. This resulted in the 3-mile offshore territorial limit.
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Tags: league, doumei, renmei, ri-gu, リーグ, 同盟, 聯盟, 連盟
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