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The definition of word "gentle":
+3 rate 1. adj -r, -st - calm, kind or soft; not violent or severe He has a gentle smile and a soft voice. Be gentle with her and try not to frighten her, please. Regular walking is a wonderful form of gentle exercise. (literary or humorous) That, gentle reader, is the subject of our story. It is not by force that she accomplishes things, but by gentle persuasion. The path has a gentle (= not steep or sudden) slope/gradient. The gentle (= not strong) breeze filled the sails.
+1 rate 2. kind; soft; moderate; easy-going; noble, aristocratic
rate 3. aristocrat, person of noble birth (Archaic)
rate 4. make quiet, make gentle; stroke; ennoble, refine (Archaic)
rate 5. A sound having harmonics in the upper midrange and high frequencies which are not boosted, or may be slightly attenuated or cut. Gentle is similar to mellow.
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