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The definition of word "doctor":
+6 rate 1. person who is licensed to practice medicine (i.e. physician, surgeon); one who received a doctor's degree from a university
+1 rate 2. university law degree, degree awarded upon completion of a university law program (also Doctor of Jurisprudence), JD
+1 rate 3. provide medical treatment, take care of someone who is ill; fix, repair; tamper with, falsify; alter
+1 rate 4. C H A N G E (v) (disapproving) to change (a document) in order to deceive people, or to put poison into (food or drink) He was found to have provided the court with doctored evidence. Bottles of lemonade doctored with rat poison were discovered in the kitchen. (UK and ANZ informal) If an animal is doctored, it has been sterilized (= made unable to breed) .
+1 rate 5. expert; one who makes the final decision: "You're the doctor"
+1 rate 6. castrate or de-sex an animal
rate 7. known as Doctor Arnold; born June 13, 1795, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, Eng. died June 12, 1842, Rugby, Warwickshire; British educator. A classical scholar, he became headmaster in 1828 of Rugby School, which was in a state of decline. He revived Rugby by reforming its curriculum, athletics program and social structure (in the prefect system he introduced, older boys served as house monitors to keep discipline among younger boys), becoming in the process the preeminent figure in British education. In 1841 he was named Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford. In addition to several volumes of sermons, he wrote a three-volume History of Rome (1838–43). He was the father of Matthew Arnold and grandfather of the novelist Mrs. Humphry Ward (1851–1920).
rate 8. papermaking Thin blade of wood, metal or plastic, placed against rolls on the machine to keep them clean and smooth.
rate 9. One whose occupation is to treat diseases, particularly a physician, dentist, or veterinarian with an appropriate license
rate 10. A teacher (particularly at a college or university), a scholar, or one who holds a postgraduate degree (especially a Ph.D. degree)
rate 11. A shaman.
rate 12. repair or mend
rate 13. tamper with; falsify; adulterate
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