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The definition of word "authority":
rate 1. Islam al-hakim al-shar'i religious authority, mujtahid.
rate 2. power, control, jurisdiction
rate 3. n - (a person or people who have) the moral or legal right or ability to control The United Nations has used/exerted/exercised its authority to restore peace in the area. We need to get the support of someone in authority (= an important or high ranking person) . They've been acting illegally and without authority (= permission) from the council. I'll give my lawyers authority (= permission) to act on my behalf. (U + to infinitive) He's got no authority over (= ability to control) his students. She seemed to speak with authority (= as if she was in control or had special knowledge) . An authority is a group of people with official responsibility for a particular area of activity. the port/police/health/education authoritythe Atomic Energy Authority We shall abolish the local councils and create a single, central authority. An authority on a subject is an expert on it. She's a world authority on 19th-century Irish history. To have it on someone's authority is to have been told it by them. I have it on Jim's authority that the meeting has been cancelled. We have it on good authority (= Someone who knows has told us) that you're getting married soon.
rate 4. noun power to act to abuse one's authority - to use powers in an illegal, harmful way
rate 5. official body which controls an area, region "see also" DISTRICT, HEALTH, REGIONAL
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