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The definition of word "address":
+1 rate 1. bowling Bowler's starting position. (stance)
rate 2. v She addressed (= wrote the name and details of where the person lived on) the letter and stuck a stamp on it. The parcel was wrongly addressed. So why did you open a letter that was addressed to me?
rate 3. management To provide words on a topic which may have little or no meaning. Example: "He will address us on the topic"
rate 4. Gettysburg Address
rate 5. IP address
rate 6. Internet Protocol address;
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We have found the following japanese words and translations for "address":
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Conjugation of the verb "address":
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Expressions containing "address":
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seiki, arushio-ne, hitotsubanashi, nee, genshinkurokku, asai, monki-banana, ryoukai, jaza-saizu, faiainshuaransu
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