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The definition of word "King":
+1 rate 1. excellent; top-notch; wonderful; the best; enormous; huge
+1 rate 2. punch forcibly and without warning
rate 3. severe decisive blow
rate 4. punch from behind
rate 5. any sudden misfortune
rate 6. King Radio Corp. (Avionics mfgr.)
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We have found the following japanese words and translations for "King":
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So, this is how you say "King" in japanese.
Expressions containing "King":
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We hope these expressions give you a good idea about how to use the word "King" in sentences.
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English - Japanese Dictionary
prison, full throttle, forge welding, sun-dried, that'll teach you, anger, hot, populous, storybook, equuleus

Japanese - English Dictionary
seiki, arushio-ne, hitotsubanashi, nee, genshinkurokku, asai, monki-banana, ryoukai, jaza-saizu, faiainshuaransu
Tags: King, kingu, kokuou, ouja, oumono, ousama, oushou, キング
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