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The definition of word "English":
+9 rate 1. English language
+1 rate 2. English school
+1 rate 3. Oxford English Dictionary The;
+1 rate 4. Definitive historical dictionary of the English language. It was conceived by London's Philological Society in 1857 and sustained editorial work began in 1879 under James Murray. Published in 10 volumes between 1884 and 1928, it first appeared under its current name in 1933. Its definitions are arranged mostly in order of historical occurrence and illustrated with dated quotations from English-language literature and records. Its second edition was published in 20 volumes in 1989.
rate 5. anagram shingle
rate 6. breakfast (n) a meal eaten in the morning consisting of cooked food such as fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon, followed by toast with marmalade
rate 7. English bulldog
rate 8. Old English script
rate 9. English Channel
rate 10. English Civil Wars
rate 11. English horn
rate 12. English sparrow
rate 13. Middle English
rate 14. Old English
rate 15. Old English sheepdog
rate 16. Gothic script or Old English script; Style of alphabet used in handwriting throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. It features uniform vertical strokes that end on the baseline, angular lines instead of smooth curves and circles and the overlapping of convex forms. Black letter and roman were the dominant letter shapes of medieval typography. The only extant work known to have been printed by Johannes Gutenberg, the 42-line Bible (1450s), was set in black-letter type. Roman type largely superseded it in the Renaissance, though black letter persisted in Germany well into the 20th century. Today black letter is often used for diplomas, Christmas cards and liturgical writings.; Black letter, type as used in the 42-line Bible issued at Mainz, 1456. EB Inc.
rate 17. English sparrow; One of the world's best-known and most abundant small birds (Passer domesticus, family Passeridae or Ploceidae). It lives in towns and on farms worldwide, having accompanied Europeans from its original home in Eurasia and northern Africa. Introduced into North America in 1852, it spread across the continent within a century. It is about 6 in. (15 cm) long and buffy-brown; the male has a black bib. House sparrows breed nearly year-round in warm regions.
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prison, full throttle, forge welding, sun-dried, that'll teach you, anger, hot, populous, storybook, equuleus

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seiki, arushio-ne, hitotsubanashi, nee, genshinkurokku, asai, monki-banana, ryoukai, jaza-saizu, faiainshuaransu
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