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Die Definition des Wort "and":
+8 rate 1. with, together with; also, too
+3 rate 2. THE N (conjunction) used to join two parts of a sentence, one part happening after or because of the other part; then; after that; next; as a result; in order to I got dressed and (then) (= next) had my breakfast. Stand over there and (then) (= as a result) you'll be able to see it better. Bring the flowers into a warm room and (then) (= as a result) they'll soon open. The car broke down and (so) (= as a result) we had to find a telephone. I asked him to go and find (= go in order to find) my glasses. Come and see (= in order to see) me tomorrow. Don't go yet. Wait and see (= wait in order to see) what happens. (informal) Try and get (= Try to get) some tickets for tonight's performance.
+1 rate 3. dance Indicates simultaneous action
+1 rate 4. dance the word "and" notes simultaneous actions while the figure "&" indcates movement on a half beat of music
+1 rate 5. Aircraft Nose Down
rate 6. airport Name: Anderson Regional Airport; location: Anderson, South Carolina, United States; IATA Code: AND; ICAO Code: KAND
rate 7. anagram dan
rate 8. Balkan state formed in 1918 after World War I. It included the previously independent kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro and the southern Slavic territories formerly subject to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including Dalmatia, Croatia-Slavonia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The kingdom was ruled by the Serbian Karadjordjevik dynasty. In 1929 King Alexander I sought to combat local nationalisms by proclaiming a royal dictatorship and renaming the state Yugoslavia.
rate 9. hop, step and jump; Track-and-field distance jump. It incorporates three distinct, continuous movements: a hop, in which the athlete takes off and lands on the same foot; a step, in which he lands on the other foot; and a jump, in which the athlete lands in any manner, usually with both feet together. It has been a modern Olympic event since the first games in 1896.
rate 10. Logical And
rate 11. Performs a logical AND of the two operands replacing the destination with the result.
rate 12. Andorra (ISO 3166)
rate 13. dance Half of a Quick count ( & 1 or 1 & )
rate 14. dance A Call such as "ready and"
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